Human Resources


The vision of Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions is to ensure that Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions’ human capital consists of individuals who are open to innovation and change with dynamism and commitment for institutional as well as self development.


The mission of Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions’ Human Resources management is to develop the human resource systems that ensure continuity and efficiency of the institution’s human capital and provide value to the organization by making use of internal and external sources.


Human resource management has a strategic role in the institution. Its main objective is to increase the effectiveness of human capital by ensuring that their expectations and needs are met. To attain this objective, human resource department executes the following;

  • plans human resources in such a way that is appropriate for the organizational structure and conducts all kinds of work in this regard
  • plays an active role in the process of selecting and recruiting highly qualified personnel who suit the school culture
  • determines training and development needs and ensures that such needs are met
  • implements the performance appraisal process and conducts activities to increase performance with respect to the attainment of institutional goals
  • plans career paths in line with the results of performance appraisal and establishes compensation and reward systems accordingly
  • enhances employees’ job satisfaction by reinforcing institutional culture and providing a physically and socially appropriate work environment
  • researches, determines, evaluates, and applies information systems pertaining to human resources management.

Human Resources Management Main Functions:

Strategic HR Planning

The main aim of strategic HR planning is to systematically determine and organize human resources that will enable the institution to attain its objectives. The planning process includes updating employee information, making business analyses, designing job descriptions, organizing training programs, and performance evaluation.

Selecting, Hiring, and Placement of Personnel

The aim of the selection, hiring, and placement processes is to determine the job openings within Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions and to fill such openings with personnel who suit best the institution’s vision, mission and philosophy.

All job applications that are received by the HR Department through mail, e-mail or the internet, are collected in a pool and reviewed by HR for any openings that arise. The candidates who match the requirements of the position and seem to have the relevant competencies are invited for a first interview. For courses in which the language of instruction is English, candidates’ oral and written language competency is assessed by a committee that is set up by the English Department.

Candidates who are found eligible in terms of their qualifications, experience, and language competency are then asked to conduct a demo lesson before an assigned committee of specialists. Based on the results, candidates are invited to the second interview which is held by the relevant department head. After the second interview, the HR Department presents the qualifying candidates with a job offer.

The applicants who are not found eligible are sent a rejection letter and their resumes are kept in the CV pool for one year to be reconsidered if an appropriate position opens.

Each new staff member participates in an orientation program during which Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions are presented and the prevailing principles and practices of Eyüboğlu Schools are explained.

Training and Development (In-service Training)

Every year, the Human Resources Department determines the professional development needs of staff members through analyses, performance appraisal and by taking career targets into consideration. According to the results and findings, HR prepares an in-service training program.

At Eyüboğlu, in-service training starts with the orientation program. Subsequently, during the academic year, it is ensured that the staff members participate in the planned training events which are offered by trainers from within and outside Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions. The teaching staff participates in professional development opportunities such as seminars, workshops, and conferences in Turkey and abroad. Staff members are expected to demonstrate a recognizable improvement in the quality of their work consequent to the professional training activities which they participate in.

Performance Management

Through performance management system, Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions guide and encourage their personnel to improve their performance in line with the objectives of the institution. Performance appraisal results are used as an input in determining staff members’ training and development needs, and designing their career plans. Performance management is a strong tool used by Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions to communicate their objectives and values to their employees.

Career Management

Eyüboğlu employees’ responsibilities and authorities increase as their knowledge and work experience increase. Career plans are made in line with employees’ knowledge, skills, and competencies. The institution adopts a supportive role in helping its employees to make career decisions and determine their career paths.

Compensation and Reward System

At Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, the compensation system is based on the employees’ level of competency, education, knowledge, skills, and performance. The compensation packages are also affected by the inflation rate as well as the overall salary levels in the education sector. The subject taught, the level of English competence-TOEFL score (min 200), FCE, KPDS scores (min 70), post-graduate academic degrees (master’s degree, PhD. etc.) and number of years worked as a teacher are also important criteria in defining a teachers' compensation package.

Employee Profile

Total number of employees : 560
Female : 426
Male : 134

Education Level

PhD : %1,64
Master’s Degree : %17,24
University Graduate : %52,68
High School Graduate : %16,86

Average Age : 37,5
Average Seniority : 7 years
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