Corporate Communications Department

The Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, Corporate Communications Department; implements the communication projects oriented towards the prestige and brand reputation of the Institution, in line with the mission, vision and targets of the Institution. During this process, in order to attain the communication goals oriented towards the social stakeholders of the Institution, it plans and effectuates the strategical communication activities to enable the information flow, motivation and organization between the departments and units.

The main goal of corporate communications is to manage the relations with the social stakeholders and to administer the prestige of the Institution. All kinds of activities and work which affect the prestige of the Institution, take place within the scope of responsibilities of the Corporate Communications Department.

The Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, Corporate Communications Department; implements the communication activities oriented towards all target groups of the Institution (students, parents, staff, cooperating third parties/institutions). Within this context; it implements in coordination with the ad agency, the content formation, design and printing processes of all school publications which promote the Institution –magazines, books, catalogues, brochures, posters, banners, invitations etc. The Corporate Communications Department prepares the press releases which inform about the Institution’s activities, works and achievements and contain informative news about the Institution, in liaison with the communication agency and sees to it that these are shared with the press agencies and get good media coverage. The Corporate Communications Department carries out the advertisement campaigns of the Institution, handles media planning and budgeting for the campaigns. The Department organizes promotional seminars/meetings, openings, academic activities, morale boosting activities for the staff. The Corporate Communications Department also creates, monitors and develops website content and ensures that all kinds of news and announcements are published in the website.

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