IT Department

Eyüboğlu has always been a pioneer in adopting state of the art technologies and integrating them with the existing systems. Teachers and students avail themselves of the opportunities provided by these state of the art technologies and use same in order to enhance their educational endeavors as well as their work related to other areas.

As communication is the key concept of this century, we are very keen on making perfect use of the current technological opportunities that are available in this regard. Parents can reach information regarding their children such as attendance, assessment results, homework assignments, etc. daily through our Education Management System taking place in our website, and can take necessary measures as appropriate. Where necessary, they can contact school administrators and teachers through the internet. Our system enables us to send important notifications to parents’ mobile phones as SMS messages. In this way, by making use of the technological opportunities at the highest level, information is reached in the shortest time possible and through minimum effort.

All classrooms in Eyüboğlu campuses are equipped with Promethean branded, active led panel systems. Furthermore our school accommodates computer laboratories for the use of our students. Our students benefit extensively from the visual and interactive learning opportunities provided by these systems.

In the IT system which has been established using the state of the art technologies, the coordination of all the computers and all the required services in terms of hardware and software are provided through a single network.

All the software programs that are needed in Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions are designed and rendered available in-house. All the computers in Eyüboğlu schools are gradually renovated or replaced every year.

All of the computers in our schools have Internet connection through a 130Mb line.

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